About Us

  Aurora Publishing is the place where adventure begins. An independent publishing company out of Minnesota, Aurora Publishing provides an avenue for creators to make their mark. We pride ourselves in creativityfun, and magic!



  Kathy is the owner and founder of Aurora Publishing. She has a firm belief in and fervor for the success of small businesses and the importance that they have in helping their towns thrive. A spunky and energetic person, she loves to write and is even the proud author of a few published titles: “Hope Springs Eternal” “To Protect & Serve”, and the “Princess Raisa Dewflower” children’s book series. Kathy is based in Minnesota and is happily married with six children - if you don’t count her three fur-babies: D’Artagnan the grey tabby cat, and two Pomeranian pups, Lilith and Sadie. In her free time she enjoys loving on her multiple grandchildren.
Business inquiries: sales@aurora-books.com
  Sara is the store manager of Aurora Booktique, as well as the marketing manager and web designer for the company. She is a self-taught artist and is experienced in both traditional art and digital art. You can find her illustrations in our monthly newsletter! Born in South Dakota, Sara is a fraternal triplet with four siblings total. She has several pets to adore, including a loveable pair of Australian Shepherds named Caspian and Lily (plus a new pitbull mix puppy named Zira), and a trio of childhood pets that live in South Dakota with her parents: Abby, a mixed breed dog, Chloe, a full-bred chihuahua, and Callie, a long-haired calico house-cat. In her free time, Sara likes to draw on her iPad, watch Markiplier on YouTube, and play “The Sims 4” on her PC.
Art Inquiries: sarathebearnecessities@gmail.com