"Better the Devil You Know" 2-in-1 Bundle

"Better the Devil You Know" 2-in-1 Bundle

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Get both editions of "Better the Devil You Know" for the price of one! 

Joann Bontjes disappeared after a night out with friends. They found her car sitting on the side of the road, her belongings inside and no sign of a struggle. The small rural community searched everywhere for her. The mystery grew when they found her body over 30 hours later in an area that had already been searched. She had been dead for 6 hours. 

Who killed Joann Bontjes? Where was she for the time she was missing? This case has remained unsolved for 47 years. There have been many theories put forward, but none that hold up to any serious scrutiny. Joann knew her killer, and maybe you do, too.

Book One dispelled the myths and analyzed the popular theories. Book Two analyzes the evidence and new theories of the case.

Help us solve this mystery. A portion of the proceeds of this book go to a memorial scholarship in Joann Bontjes's name. We want her to be remembered for more than how she died.